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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 25


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Rescuing Vuga


The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles (Psalm 34:17).


When God required one van to go to Israel, Vuga was left behind in the other van, as we didn’t have enough funds for both vans to move. While Vuga waited in South Sudan, enemies captured him and shut him in a water prison. They beat him up mercilessly, and tortured him. In a cold water cell, it’s only a matter of time before hypothermia sets in. You get so weak you can’t keep your head above water, and you drown. It’s cruel and sadistic.

When Mark was put in one of these cells, he endured for four days. God helped him. God was with Vuga, too. He didn’t collapse. God gave him enough strength to endure, but it was tough! Really tough! In a dream to all three witnesses – Kachapim, Eunice and Safina – God showed him being forced to eat his own faeces! (I explain more about this below.)

The angels came to Rhoda on the morning of 9th March and asked for £1500 to reach John urgently. The scheme was to get the £1500 in small denominations so it looked bulky, put it inside Faith booklets (as best as possible, probably tied to stop it falling out) and present it to the captors. The angels said John would reach Juba in the afternoon.

The problem was the money, as usual. We could only muster £500. God was adamant that we MUST find a further £1000. Rolf managed to get hold of that and sent £836 and £164, but the £164 got stopped by WR. The system blocked it on suspicion (and blocked Rolf sending at all).

So God worked it out another way without money (see below, at 17:19, John’s description of what happened). The angels had said:


Naturally Kachapim was worried: 11:26. From Kachapim: Ooh my God why? 

11:54. Reply: As you know, Jesus said “If they  have persecuted Me they will persecute you.” But don’t be too worried. God has all power. In a previous case when believers were taken captive by opponents, they were forced to eat cow dung. That’s what they were fed on for weeks or months. But God did a miracle and made that muck palatable to them. Otherwise they would have starved to death, but God was with them in their trial. At the point of eating it, God must have turned it into something else that tasted OK.

16:16. From John: We are around the stone walled building where Vuga is held. We have met two watchmen at the gate and told them that we have come to save our brother. They told us to come back at 9 pm when the 6 men behind his arrest are back.

16:57. Reply: OK intercession will be on.

17:18. From Zipora: ...I want to share with you some secret. There is one of your sons captured in Juba. He may be killed tonight. His blood will be used as a paint to write the name MALCOLM on all main roads in Africa and Middle East. My late husband was behind that deal. Without £300,000 he won't be released. His body parts will be scattered everywhere the name MALCOLM is written. Move fast with £300,000 to Juba and avert this. Ensure that all those men die. They are worst killers. Do not share with anyone. Please hide my identity. Thanks.

17:54. Reply: Yes, thank you. I know that already. Seven angels have revealed that to a lady in Kenya. But we don’t have that sort of money. We are a poor ministry with minimal support. We only have £500. But our God is all powerful, so we don’t need £300,000 to get him out...

18:41. From Rolf: £836 and 164 sent to J now

9th March 2022. 19:33. To John: Are you able to get the money tonight at the Forex shop? Is it open this late?

Comment: Unfortunately the £164 sent by WR did not go through.

Vuga Is Rescued: The Thugs Are Killed

10th March 2022. 6:30. From John: Vuga is free at last: One thug escaped with Vuga’s van. We are in Uganda trailing the van. We want that thug dead then we settle on God's Last Appeal To Sinners evangelism. Pray for us.

7:54. Reply: Yes, you are under intercession now. May God heal all Vuga’s pains and wounds. It must have been an awful ordeal for three days!

17:19. From John: The van is safe: Allow me to take this opportunity to thank God of gods for the mighty glory He gave us last night. At midnight we found Vuga being forced to slit his throat himself using a sharp knife. We wasted no time. We got in that room where 6 strong men were handling Vuga ruthlessly and pointed at them with opened MM Faith lits. One of them who looked like a trained soldier jumped out and ran for his life but took off with the van [Vuga’s van]. In that confusion Vuga gained strength and took one MM lit from me and also pointed it at the remaining 5 with courage. They all lost their eyesights and fell on the ground. Will, God first brought a strong wind that brought down the house onto them, then Firebolts followed and consumed everything. We then left in pursuit of the other thug. We found him today dead near the van 39 km away from Juba towards the Uganda border. We took the van and pointed at that body with opened MM Faith lits. God descended with Firebolts and burnt it. 



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