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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 19

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Kassahun In The East



In God is my salvation and my glory; the Rock of my strength and my refuge is in God.

Trust in Him at all times you people... (Psalm 62:7,8).



In July 2019, Jesus appeared to Kassahun Ayele in Ethiopia. Jesus told Kassahun He required him to conduct a very special mission to dangerous places in Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland. He explains:

16th July 2019. 12:44. From Kassahun: Last night at midnight, Jesus appeared to me in an unusual vision. I didn’t sleep. I was reading the booklet Listening to God. My room shone with eye blinding light. Jesus, whom I saw, seemed to be standing far from my bed but at the same time looked nearer than ever. Then He said to me “Who dares to despise the day of small things? Tell my servant (Malcolm) to prepare for the storm ahead. Tell him to awaken the people of his country. The people of his country are in a spiritual slumber. Their minds are in stupor. Satan controls the whole system in that country. They have driven Me away. They have chosen the enemy. Soon the country will be meat for the great enemy. My servant and those who are with him should warn the people. This will be the final warning to his country. Tell him to be ready to write The Final Warning to his country. I will move him by my Spirit while doing the writing. I am with him.” [Malcolm wrote the final warning on 22nd July 2019.]

Then He gave the following message to me. “Look at the direction of the sun rising. Look to the east. I have a mission for you. You have to go to the east of your country. I have appointed you to stop the bloodshed coming. The idolaters are moving to invade your country. They are coming with their idols, driven by the fiercest demons. The idolaters carry thousands of those demons. Before My wrath is unleashed in destroying them, you have to go there right away. I have many idolaters who will refuse the idols and return to Me. You are My mouth. You are My feet. I will fight for you. I have given you the authority to uproot and to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant. I will rescue you. Warn and save the people before it is too late.”

He then showed me a map of Ethiopia. It stretched from the west to the east. Several towns were invaded by the idolaters. A spirit of vengeance then came upon me and said to Jesus, “I WILL FIGHT THEM. I WILL MAKE CAPTIVES FOR YOU FROM THOSE IDOLATORS.” He then said, “I will appear again to you. Receive My blessings.”

Then He disappeared.

I am ready to go to the east of the country. Most of the people living there are Muslims. The invaders from the east may come from the neighboring country Somalia, the hub of radical Islam. There is not much time. I will obey Jesus.  

Here are just some of the experiences and exploits he related on his travels to the places God led him to.

God Arranges The Contacts

22nd July 2019. I arrived safely yesterday. To my surprise, when I went to get a sleeping place, I met a young man. After I secured a place to spend the night, I sat with him, sipping tea. I shared what Jesus told me to do in the East and the visions He gave me. He was amazed. He told me that there was a 'prodding' in his heart.  He felt that kind of pressure all day long and wasn't sure what to do about it. He said "my eyelids were shaking. According to legend, when someone's eyelids shake, the person will meet with a new friend. Here you are. I am now in peace." He took me to his home for dinner. He and his family are really wonderful Christians. We prayed together...

His name is S... It was a miracle. Jesus said that my attending angel will be with me in this trip. S is glad to accommodate me in his house. He is a trader. It is safe to be with him. He said that he is willing to travel with me through the East to share the truths of God and warn the people there to return to God.

From Tuesday until Thursday night (23-25 July), we visited these seven towns: Aweday, Alemaya, Combolcha, Gursum, Harar, Chinaksen and Kulibi.

There was tough resistance in Aweday. This town is the center of radical Islamists. The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you. I have given you the strength you need. Confront them head on.” We started sharing the word of God and warned them to return to the God of heaven before His wrath is poured on them. It was a market day and many people gathered to hear what I was saying.

Suddenly, a bearded man with a dagger in his hand rushed out of the crowd towards me. I was still speaking to the crowd. My supporter saw the man and went to hold him before he hurt me. Just then the attacker was struck by an unseen hand and fell to the ground. The crowd panicked and scattered in every direction. A few of the crowd stood still with fear. I went to the man on the ground to see if he was dead or alive. He was dead.

After a while, the place was surrounded by police. They arrested us for the killing of the man and took us to the nearby police station. The angel said, “Don’t be afraid. They will soon release you.” We told them that we did not kill the man but God did because he tried to kill us. Some of the people who were on the scene testified in favor of us. The officer couldn’t do anything so released us and advised us to leave the town as soon as possible to escape vengeance from the dead man’s tribe. To our surprise, they took us in their own truck for safety to board a public bus to Alemaya.

After this incident we went to Alemaya. We started sharing God’s warning to the people of Alemaya. There was no resistance from most of them. We distributed some of the MM Amharic publications.

Then we started our journey to Combolcha. News of the death of the bearded man had already spread to this town also. We headed to a nearby Pentecostal church and met the pastor. He told me the story of the death of the bearded man and how God had poured out His wrath on that infidel. We told him that he is dead because he crossed the red line by trying to kill God’s appointed messenger He has sent to the East, and that we are here to share God’s warning to this town also. He was amazed to hear our experience in Aweday. He then took us to his home.

He gathered the members of the church and I shared God’s word and why I am here in the East. I told them that the East is on the verge of being taken over by idolaters coming from the neighboring country and I am here to stop it by the power of God. I strongly advised them to work with me in battling those idolaters. After I finished speaking they vowed to do what God has told them through me.

Before evening we left to Gursum and spent the night there. Before we began our trip to Gurusum, the wife of the pastor went to her farm and came back with fresh corn, giving it to us as a gesture of her love.

Wednesday morning, we went to a nearby tea shop to sip tea. The weather was very hot. The angel said to me to go to a small local market nearby. After we finished our tea, we started walking. We asked someone where the market is and a person showed us. We took a taxi.

The small open air market was filled with a crowd. I was thinking how can we share God’s message of hope and warning to the crowd while their attention is on buying and selling? I went to a group of sellers and asked if they would sell me their goods. They gladly responded and I bought some foodstuffs from them and asked if they are willing to read some booklets. They were willing. I gave them Why Believe in God? and Why Jesus? They accepted the booklets with humility. Then I told them that I am here to fulfill Jesus’ mission in countering idolaters who are coming from neighboring countries to take the whole of East Ethiopia and make the people bow to their false god. They didn’t oppose me. When lunch time arrived, they took us to a restaurant and bought us lunch. They promised to share what I had said, to their families and friends far and near.

After our farewells, we started our trip to Harar, the capital of the Harari Region. It is a large city. The supporter with me had some friends in this city so he took me to them. His coming to Harar attracted some old and new friends of his. We gathered together in one of his friend’s home and he told them why I am here. He then invited me to share what Jesus told me to do.

I told them that Jesus sent me to share His truths and warn the people that idolaters are ready to come from nearby countries to make East Ethiopia the center of their idolatry. The only way to stop them is to return to God through the truths He has given us and warn the people not to sell themselves to this devilish system. They were all afraid but I read from the Bible about God’s will for the East. After they calmed down, they vowed to stand with me in this sanctified work and share what I have told them to their friends and families without delay. I left them some translated MM booklets to read and promised to visit again soon.

We had to spend the night in Chinakesn so we were in a hurry to get the last bus. It was evening but God provided the bus. We arrived safely in Chinaksen late at night. God provided a resting place too. Early Thursday morning, we started our work. The people of Chinakesn seemed passive. No one cared about us nor our message. So we didn’t waste our precious time there.

We took a minibus and went to Kulibi. This small town is the center of Orthodox Christians. There is a holiday celebration on Saturday so it was crowded by pilgrims coming from all over Ethiopia to worship the angel Gabriel. This was a good opportunity and we went into the crowd and started sharing God’s word and the warning Jesus has given me. I told the crowd to turn away from their idolatry and return to God. I emphasized that the only one who should be worshipped is God; worshipping angels is denying the glory that is God’s and so His wrath will be poured out on those who are doing that. When they heard what I said a commotion began in the crowd. Some of the crowd supported me while others opposed me. The whole area was then surrounded by police. The angel said, “Don’t fear. The police are in favor of you.” The officer told us politely to leave the compound. We left then.

The East is shaken by God’s power. Demons are being defeated. Truth is triumphing.

Fear Gives Way To Faith

2nd Week: 28th July - 3rd August 2019.

We started our trip on Sunday (28 July) to other towns of the East. From Sunday to Thursday we visited Fedis, Jeldessa, Irertika, Hirina and Asebeteferi.

Early Sunday morning, we boarded a minibus to Fedis, a little town. Most of the dwellers are very poor physically but filled with hospitality. It was difficult to get a suitable hotel to spend the night so we rented a cottage to spend the night with others. We went out to share the warning of Jesus and the good news of returning to God. We gave out Why Believe in God? in Amharic on the streets of the town. This got the attention of quite a number. I shared why Jesus has sent us to the East and the message He conveyed to me. I saw fear on the faces of some of the hearers. After I finished most of them were convicted by the Holy Spirit and repented right there on the spot. A man invited us to eat supper with him in his house and we went there. While we were rejoicing together with that good family who accept God’s message, the roof of the house was pounded by stones. The enemies, whom the devil sent, were throwing stones on the roof. They did it for half an hour without respite. I told the families not to be too afraid because Jesus will take care of them.

The next day when we were leaving, we heard that there was a quarrel between the young men of the town and that they killed each other. Most of them were those who were throwing stones at the house where we spent the night. God judged them for their trespass.

Some Receive, Some Refuse

On Monday, we took transport to Jeledesa, a town with many Muslims. [They rejected the messenger and refused the message.]

On Tuesday morning we headed to Irertika. Because of the heavy rain, the car we boarded couldn’t make it. We had to wait until the rain ceased and the flood on the road subsided. After an hour we started our journey. We arrived in Irertika in the afternoon. After we booked in at a hotel, we went out to share the message of Jesus. We had a few translated publications left so we started sharing to those whom the Spirit of God moved us to give. To our surprise, we were surrounded by people eager to receive our publications, but we had already used them up. So Jesus gave me great freedom to speak to the people who surrounded us. I told them the message Jesus gave me to convey to the East and they must prepare by accepting this message to escape from the coming wrath of God. Great was the response we got from the people and Satan was defeated right there before our eyes. I felt a strong surge of the Spirit throughout my body. The Holy Spirit rejoiced at their response...

On Wednesday, we went to Hirina, in heavy rain that day. When we arrived we were a bit tired so we had to get some rest. We rented a guesthouse and took a nap. In the afternoon we went out to meet people. I was praying while walking in the town’s streets to lead me to a man who is willing to hear the message of Jesus. While we kept walking I saw a farmer digging his farmland on the right side of the road. The Holy Spirit prompted me to meet him, so I told my supporter and went to the man. After we greeted him we explained why we are there. I began telling him the message of Jesus and of the invasion of the idolaters coming from the east unless the people of the East turn to God and accept the message I bring from God. He was excited by the message and took us to his home. Then he called all his friends and neighbors. The cosy home soon filled with people. He asked us to tell them what we told him earlier so I shared the message and Jesus’ warning... After the message we all knelt down and prayed. I urged them to stand firm on the messages I have shared...

On Thursday morning, we bade farewell to that lovely farmer and took the bus to Asebe Teferi... This town seems to be the center of Orthodox religion, the state religion. 99 percent of the population are Orthodox followers. I thought resistance would be less from them so we could reach many people with the message, but I was wrong. We got fierce resistance! We couldn’t speak further. We just gave them the warning of Jesus and went.

We have to be bold as a lion in countering Satan’s partners who try to stand in our way. Fierce spiritual battles are ahead, but the promise Jesus has given makes me even stronger. I will keep sharing Jesus’ message till death.


3rd Week: 4th-10th August 2019.

I couldn’t travel on Sunday (4 August) because of illness...

On Monday I felt good so we set off to a town called Galamso. Fortunately, it was a local market day so we moved to the crowd. We saw young men gathered together in a group. I asked if they are willing to hear what Jesus said. They were willing so I shared the whole message Jesus conveyed to me. They were amazed but at the same time fear gripped them. I told them that they shouldn’t fear but decide to be united with us to warn their own people and share what I have shared with them. When we finished, one of them pleaded with us to go with him and tell his family members. So we went and met his family. He then told them to listen to what I have to say so that they can escape from the coming wrath of God. I shared the message of Jesus with his family...

Conviction Comes From The Spirit

On Tuesday we went to Galamso.We had great opportunities to share Jesus’ warning message to the people of that town. We saw several evangelical churches. We went into one church and met the pastor. He was very hospitable. We introduced ourselves and why I have come. I shared the message of Jesus to him, explaining the dangers posed by idolaters. The East will be taken by idolaters if the people are not willing to accept this message. The pastor was convicted by the Holy Spirit and told us to stay until Wednesday. We agreed. They would be holding a prayer meeting on Wednesday evening with the church members. He wanted us to share this message to his congregation. We stayed in his home that night.

On Wednesday we woke early. The pastor told us that the Holy Spirit had prompted him to take us to the other church in the town so we went together. After he introduced us to the evangelist and why we have come, I explained to the evangelist the message and warning Jesus has given me for the people of the East. If he responds to the message and shares it with his family, neighbors and friends, Jesus will respond to them by blocking the idolaters who intend to invade. God wants to take over the East for His glory. He asked me to give him time to think it over. I said there is no time left. He has to decide right away, but the choice is his.

In the evening when the church members gathered for prayer, I shared the message and warning of Jesus to them. It was a solemn meeting. All of them agreed to fight the good fight in sharing this message to others. I was glad to hear their vows.

Muslim Demons Fear And Tremble

Early Thursday morning we started our journey to the town called Midi-Galole, a stronghold of Muslims. It was afternoon when we reached there. It was raining. The infrastructure of the town is very poor. We couldn’t get a guesthouse. Even those who had a sign on the wall saying “Vacancies” refused us. I couldn’t understand why. While standing in the middle of nowhere, someone came to us and asked why we are in this town. I told him that we have come with a special message from the heavenly King. He was curious and wanted to hear us. He kept staring at my forehead. Then he pointed with his finger to his forehead at the mark on it. There was a mark indeed. We don’t have that mark on our forehead. (Most Muslims have a mark on their forehead as they bow down in worship and their foreheads touch the ground.) So he concluded that we are not Muslims.

I told him that we are not Muslims but came to share the message of the heavenly King. I then told him that Jesus wants him and all the townspeople to return to the true God and serve Him. Eternal life is found only by believing in Jesus; there is no other name under heaven given to men to be saved. At this time, the demons inside him made him shake and he fell to the ground. People started gathering to see what’s going on. I was praying strongly, rebuking the demons to leave him right away. All those Muslims who came to look were overcome by fear. Finally those demons left and the man became calm. Those who knew him took him home. News then spread in the town and people came to us, wanting to hear from us. It was a miracle. With the Spirit of God strong upon me I shared the message and warning of Jesus to the East. There was no opposition. After we finished preaching, a noble man led us to his home as his guests. Even though he is a devout Muslim, he told us that he will cooperate with us in this undertaking secretly.


4th Week: 11th-17th August 2019.

After a good rest and spiritual recharge, on Sunday early morning we started our trip to Gursum. Our plan was to reach to the city before afternoon and tell the message of Jesus to whoever we met. I was praying while we were traveling so that the Holy Spirit would lead us to the right people. We reached the city safely. Because it was not our plan to stay in the city, we started sharing the message from the busy city bus station. I met some passengers and told the message of Jesus. They silently and amazingly listened with an open heart. After I finished we gave them some booklets which M had sent the previous week. I told them how to contact me. They were delighted.

The Word Spreads

We then started our trip to Kersa in the afternoon. After we arrived we rented a guesthouse for the night. While walking in the streets of the city, we handed out the translated booklet Why the Judgment? People eagerly took it. When some of them wondered why we were giving out those booklets freely, we told them the message and warning of Jesus and pleaded with them to turn away from idolatry to the true God and accept the love and salvation of Jesus. After we finished our work, we went back to our guesthouse. We spent the night praying to God to take care of us and to give us more strength to keep doing His work.

On Monday morning we took transport to Jarso. When we arrived we saw that it is a very busy small town. Most of the townspeople are addicted to a local stimulant called Khat. Their minds are controlled by this cocaine-like plant. They were all chewing it continually. We couldn’t find anyone who willing to listen or willing to accept our booklets. So we left the town and took a bus to Hamaressa.

God’s favor was with us. We started work by handing the booklet Why The Judgment? The response was amazing. Eager young men and women crowded around us. I explained that I came here to share the message and warning of Jesus and to turn as many people as possible away from idolatry to the true God. I told them to accept the message of Jesus which I am conveying to them and escape from the wrath of Jesus that will be poured upon the heads of the rebellious and the idolaters. Most of them decided right there to serve God and God only, and were willing to work with us. After their decision we appointed 4 young men and women to organize the people and share what we have taught them with others. They took us to a nearby restaurant. We ate together and told them many things about God and His purpose for the East. They all rejoiced. We spent the night in the home of one of these young men.

On Tuesday morning, when we were ready to leave, the young man who accommodated us for the night begged us to take him with us. I prayed to Jesus silently for an answer. The prompt of the Spirit gave me a green light and we took him with us. Now we are three. I was delighted. We headed to a town called Adelle. After we arrived we learned that it was market day so we headed to the marketplace. It was a great opportunity to speak to the crowd there. The market was full of people. I began and some people started coming. I told them the message and warning of Jesus. The attention they gave to the message was amazing. Most of them are poor in their physical lives but have a teachable spirit. We gave them some translated booklets. After the market disbanded we went to a nearby restaurant to eat lunch. Three individuals came to us and asked us to share with them what we said in the market place. I shared the message of Jesus with them. They were glad to hear the message and paid for the lunch...

Terror Grips Muslim Opponents

Wednesday we started our trip to Ashadale. We had heard that this town is a Muslim stronghold. Regardless we travelled there. This year’s winter seems heavy. It was raining heavily when we arrived. Several Islamic mosques were planted here and there. After the rain stopped we shared the message and warning of Jesus. We had to use some wisdom in telling people the message. No one wanted to listen. When we started to leave the town, a group of radical Muslims, young men, took us hostage and threatened to kill us for preaching Jesus to Muslims. They called us “Kaffir”, which means heretic.  I warned them if they try to hurt us, God’s wrath will immediately pour on them right there and destroy them. When I spoke in power, fear gripped them. I was confident that if they try to hurt us, God will kill them. The Holy Spirit filled me with power. They left us and ran as if escaping from some kind of terror.

We paid for a car and went to the town called Dadar. When we reached there, it was already evening. So we rented a guesthouse and spent the night there. Thursday morning we went out to spread the warning of Jesus. We started by giving out Why The Judgment? The Holy Spirit was telling me to leave the town after giving out the booklets, so in obedience we took a car to Gara Mulata.

We reached there in the afternoon. It was a local market day and we went to the market to share the message to those who had come to buy and sell. Little by little, people circled us to hear what we are saying. I told them to beware the idolaters and return to the God of heaven. Idolaters are soon coming into the East from neighboring countries to spread their false religion and kill all who don’t accept it. They are ready. If they are willing to work with us in this regard, God will stop them where they are. After I finished, most of the people gave their helping hand to counter the false religion that denies God and Jesus.

The Atmosphere Was Filled With God’s Spirit

It was a great success for us and a great disappointment for Satan and his demons. I prayed for the people right there in the market. The atmosphere was filled with the Spirit of God. It was like this for 2 hours. After a good night we returned to base.

So far we have covered almost all towns of the region called Hararge. Within almost a month we have spread the message and warning of Jesus to 28 towns. We praise God who has given us more strength and protection. So we have already finished our mission for the region of Hararge.

Mission To Ethiopian Somali Region

5th Week: 18th-24th August 2019.

Jigjiga: Sunday morning we started our trip to Jigjiga, capital city of the Somali region, one of the strongholds of Islam in Ethiopia. I expected heavy resistance from radical Muslims living there. Most of the people are under the heavy yoke of Islam. After 5 hours of travelling by bus, we arrived.

The city is big. A trading city. All over the city, merchants were selling and buying. The Holy Spirit said to me “you are here to share the message and warning of Jesus. Don’t be afraid. Go straight to the man standing in front of you and meet him.” I looked for a man in front of me, I saw a man who was clothed in rags at the side of a shop.

First, I doubted that the man whom the Holy Spirit told me to meet is that poor man. But there wasn’t any other man in front of me. I told my helpers to follow me and went to the poor man and greeted him. He was a bit bewildered. I said that God has sent us to him and asked if he has a couple of minutes. He was willing. We went to a nearby tea room.

We invited him to eat with us. He told us his story and how he came to the place where we met him. It was the first time for him to be there. I learned that God led him to that place to meet with us. His name is Mxxx. (By the way he isn’t a Muslim.) I related why we came to the East. I told him what Jesus had told me through a vision; he listened very attentively. He then repented right there and turned to Jesus, by believing what He did for him. His face lit up with heavenly light and the gladness of his heart.

Since we don’t know the region, I asked him to come with us and tell the people of the region the message and warning of Jesus. He was delighted. He took us to his home for the night and told his wife that we are messengers of Jesus. They humbly accommodated us.

Shinile (Sitti Zone): Monday, we started our trip early morning. The man God gave us said that we have to start our work in a town called Shinile (Sitti zone), so the four of us headed there. When we arrived in the town, the man (I will call him the 4th man) told us to wait for him in the nearby restaurant and went. After 30 minutes, he came with three Muslims, old men. We welcomed them. While on their way to us, he had told them that I am waiting for them with a message from heaven. They were eager to hear it. I started sharing what Jesus has told me by using the Islamic name “ISA” for Jesus. They were nodding their heads in agreement when I was explaining the message of Jesus. When I finished, one of the old men told me that they are convinced that the message came straight from “ISA” and are willing to spread it using wisdom to their members. I was excited. The Holy Spirit assured me that these old men are indeed truth seekers. We spent the night in that town.

Godebursi: Tuesday, we went to Godebursi. I wasn’t comfortable on the way. A feeling of sickness came on me. I started praying silently and fought in the spirit. I knew demons were making me weak with some kind of illness. I fought them in the spirit. Then I felt well. The sickness was gone.

We arrived in the town safely. I was confident that God has many people in this town to deliver from dead religion of Islam and demons. The 4th man (whom we met in Jigjiga) was with me. We started by handing out the booklet Why the Judgment? (This is a wonderful instrument to witness.) I didn’t see any resistance even from Muslim men and women. Besides giving out the booklet, we explain to those who ask, about the message of Jesus and the coming wrath on idolaters. For 7 hours we went up and down through the town witnessing the love of God and the message of Jesus. God’s hand rested upon us so demons couldn’t cause havoc in the town.

Soldier Shoots At Kassahun, But The Gun Jams

Werder: On Wednesday 21st August 2019, we headed to Werder, the center of Islamist militias. When we arrived, we saw soldiers there. Heavy trucks full of militias were moving about. We seemed to be inside a war zone. If the man whom we met in Jigjiga wasn’t with us, we would have left the town right away. I was praying silently that God would lead us to the right people to share Jesus’ message. We had only a few Why the Judgment of God? booklets. We started giving out those booklets but no one was willing to take them.

A militia with a gun in his hand came and snatched the booklets from us. I didn’t understand what he was saying but he was shouting in an angry tone. When he started to tear up the booklets, I became furious and warned him to stop. He pointed his gun at my forehead and in a spit second pulled the trigger. The bullet remained inside the gun. He kept pulling the trigger again and again, but the bullets stayed in the gun. Then fear gripped him. I was standing there in confidence. He then pleaded with us to forgive him. He was shaking terribly. I explained to him why we were there and the message Jesus had given me for the people of the East. He started weeping in front of us. The Holy Spirit had touched his heart. The first Islamist militia repented right there. A great victory!

I remembered the little booklet Malcolm wrote some years ago, Islam, the Koran And God. I have translated it, so I called Meheret to print out several copies and send to me by express mail. This booklet will be an entering wedge to the Islamists in this region.

The militia man told us that he has friends and they have to hear what I told him so we spent the night there. The next day, the militia man who repented and accepted the message of Jesus came to us with his four friends, all gunmen. I shared the message of Jesus with them also. Two of them opposed us as if we are from Satan and left with threats. The other two accepted the message.

Degehabor: We started our trip to Degehabor on Thursday afternoon. The minibus was packed; almost 30 people. In baking heat, it was a very uncomfortable trip. The sweat was dripping off us. After an hour and a half, we reached the town. When we arrived, it was a time of prayer for Muslims. I was thinking how we can engage them to share the message of Jesus.

In my bag, were several booklets but I didn’t know which one would be suitable to give. Then the Holy Spirit pushed me to give out Why Jesus? I was arguing in my spirit that it is suicidal to give this booklet because Muslims don’t believe in Jesus and could fight us fiercely. But the Holy Spirit pushed me further to give it. After prayer, we started  to hand out Why Jesus? No one cared about the booklet and discouragement came over my friends.

Then a Muslim man came and asked us to give him the booklet. I gave it to him. He started arguing that Jesus is not God’s Son but God’s prophet. He quoted several texts from the Quran. While we were discussing this issue, several others came to listen. This was a great opportunity to share the message of Jesus. I told them that I am in this region to share with them what Jesus has said. I emphasized that without believing in Jesus there is no forgiveness of sins, no everlasting life and no entering heaven. If they refuse to believe in Jesus they will be categorized as idolaters and the wrath of Jesus will be on their heads. No one dared to refute my message. I told them I will come back next week and give them a wonderful booklet about Islam, the Koran and God. When I said that their faces lit up, keen to receive that booklet. Most of them took my cell phone number to remind me about the booklet. We spent the night there.

I praise God for His strength and help in these successful trips.

6th Week: Kebri Dahar: Sunday morning (August 25/19) we left to Kebri Dahar. We travelled for 3 hours. When we arrived it was almost noon. We didn’t eat breakfast so we were hungry. We went into the local restaurant to eat lunch. While we were eating, two women came and sat in front of us on the other bench. I invited them to join us. I sensed that this is an opportunity to tell them the message of Jesus. Then I told them why we are here and shared the message. They listened attentively. After I finished, they asked me about Jesus and how to escape His wrath. I explained briefly and answered their questions. They gave me their phone number and left to go to work.

We began our work in the town sharing the message of Jesus with those we met on the road and other public places. What surprised me was that although the town is mostly Muslim no one resisted us. I think Jesus and the angels had blocked the demons from doing their ugly work of resisting Jesus’ message. We had a very successful trip.

Much Resistance!

Fiiq: On Monday morning we took a minibus to Fiiq, a one hour trip from Kebri Dahar. It was a small town. Most of the people are camel herders. Lots of camels were on the road. They have their own communicating language that we didn’t know so we had to get someone to translate otherwise we couldn’t communicate with them. I sent the person we met in Jigjiga to find someone to translate. He came after 30 minutes. I told him that I can give him 50 birr if he would translate the message of Jesus I tell him. He agreed and took us to the main camel market. He gathered some of the traders and gave me a sign to start. I then told them the message of Jesus and the warning He gave to the people of the East. A murmuring arose, and then open resistance from the people. They accused me of trying to divert them from Allah and their religion of Islam. They became angry and some of them started throwing stones and others their shoes at us. We had to run. That was the only option we had. My three helpers covered me from the stones and shoes flying over us. They were hurt, but we managed to escape. We got a car and returned to Kebri Dahar.

Kebri Beyah: Early Tuesday morning we moved to Kebri Beyah. I was thinking about yesterday’s attack on us from radical Muslims. Thank God my friends didn’t get hurt much. The bombardment of those wicked people on God’s servants was written in God’s ledger and I am sure they will pay for their wickedness. We arrived at Kebri Beyah and started our work. After the Fiiq situation, I became bold in preaching the message of Jesus with clarity and boldness. Fear evaporated. That is what we did in Kebri Beyah.

We encountered enemies of Jesus right away but kept speaking village by village. Even demons couldn’t stop us! Resistance from a few people was insignificant. They couldn’t stand in front of us. Two imams tried to stop us but my severe warning and bold confrontation made them silent. They couldn’t conquer the Spirit of God inside us. We got victory there. When we finished and returned to the guesthouse we knelt down and praised God. We were very tired.

Fiiq Is Cursed For Rejecting The Message

Shilavo: On Wednesday morning we went to a town called Shilavo. On the way we heard news from an FM radio broadcast that Fiiq was hit by massive flooding and several houses were destroyed. There weren’t victims. Fiiq was the town where we were bombarded by stones. Jesus poured out His wrath on them. The flood destroyed their homes because they resisted His message.

At Shilavo, we shared the message of Jesus. The talk of the city was the flooding in Fiiq. No one resisted us. Jesus was with us. I had already run out of booklets so I couldn’t give any out. I was waiting for Islam, the Quran and God from Meheret. This booklet will help us a lot because we are now mostly travelling through Muslim towns. In Shilavo we reached several people.

Barey: On Thursday we went to Barey. It was a market day so we went to the market and began sharing the message. Some looked at us and thought we are mad. Others resisted. Few were willing to listen. However youth were interested in the message. They were disillusioned with Islam and invited us to lunch. While we were eating they asked me several questions about who Jesus was and other relevant issues. I answered them and they were satisfied. I took their phone numbers for further communication and we got the last bus in the evening back to base. Mehert’s mail had arrived. We now had over hundred copies of the translated booklet Islam, the Quran and God. Praise God!!

When we sit and assess the week’s evangelistic trips, we have almost succeeded. Resistance is to be expected. We didn’t lose faith in God. We are in an open spiritual battle with the devil and demons. Jesus has promised that He will be with us and I am a witness to this. Indeed, if Jesus wasn’t with us, we would have been finished off. Thank you Jesus!!!

Jesus Appears To Kassahun In A Dramatic Vision

3rd September 2019. From Kassahun: Last night Jesus appeared to me in a spectacular vision. In the vision He showed me a small flame flickering. He then told me “The small flame that you saw is the ministry I have given and put inside the heart of My servant. The flickering light you saw will soon become bright and will shine in the whole world. Don’t lose heart.” He then gave me a very special kind of lighter that resembles the device smokers use to light their cigars. He told me to switch on the lighter. I switched it on. Then He said to me, “Put the flame from the lighter together with the flickering flame.” When I did that the flame started shining brightly. The flame filled the whole place with bright light.

Jesus then said, “I will give My servant the most powerful light (messages) that will enlighten the whole world if he trusts in Me and only Me. He and his co-laborers with him will see great things. All should trust in Me and keep up the good work. Let the friends in the faith keep helping My servant.” Then Jesus disappeared. It seems I was talking with Jesus not in vision but face to face in reality because of the clarity.

7th Week: 1st - 7th September 2019.

On Sunday we took some rest at home studying the Bible, praying and planning for our next trip. Besides, our money was drained. We decided to use the little money in my hand wisely. ($25 is remaining. This can take us only for Sunday and Monday before we wind up the trip to the East.)

Because we don’t have our own car, transportation cost was higher than expected. Paying for guesthouses was also costly. We rent low class guesthouses when we arrive in those towns so that we can save money. Because this is God’s money in my hand, I have a responsibility to God. 

Handsomely Welcomed

Kelafo: On Monday, we went to a town called Kelafo. We started giving out Islam, the Koran and God to those in the car. When we arrived, it was a market day. That gave us a great opportunity to share the message of Jesus. Most of the town’s people are Muslims. We handed out Islam, the Koran and God to the sellers and buyers in the market. When they saw the words “Islam and the Koran” in those pamphlets, their faces lit up. I then told them about the message of Jesus by using the name “Issa” according to their belief. Interested listeners joyfully listened to what I was telling them. After the market disbanded, a Moslem man who was very interested in the message came to me and asked us if we can go with him to his house. I didn’t see any danger so we started our journey seated on his two camels. His family welcomed us. We spent the night in their home. His family also got the message through us.

Shekosh: Tuesday morning we headed to Shekosh. When we arrived, we knew that the town’s people are a mixture of both Muslims and Orthodox Christians. It is easy to share the message and warning of Jesus to the Orthodox Christians because they know about Jesus. So we started by meeting some orthodox Christians. Jesus guided us to them. I found people there who are thirsty to know about Jesus. They listened to what I said from beginning to end. I told them that I came to the East with the message of Jesus to warn the people of the East about the idolaters who are preparing to invade, and if they have believed what I shared they have a responsibility to pass it on to their friends, and others. They gave me their right hand to do so. That was a great success.

We spent the rest of our time by handing out Islam, the Koran and God to Muslims living in the other side of the town. We didn’t face any resistance.

The Angels Scared Away Hostile Imams

Tuli Gulled: We arrived at this town on Wednesday before noon. We saw mosques everywhere. We concluded that this town is almost filled with Muslims. Because we were new to the town, people were looking at us in a strange way. We went into a restaurant to eat lunch but the owner of the restaurant refused us. All guest houses in the town didn’t want to rent to us. Our faith was tested. We sat on the street, talking to each other about what to do. While we were there, the imam and his associates came and asked us for our permit to enter the town. I told him boldly, “It is not necessary to get a permit because I live in this country and have a right to move from one town to another town according to the constitution of Ethiopia. If you want to know why we are here it's by God’s will. I came here to share the message and warning of Jesus regarding idolaters who are ready to swallow up the people of the East from beyond the border. Before you are swallowed up by the coming idolaters who are the people of Satan, then you must turn back to Jesus and battle against the idolaters.”

At this, he interrupted us furiously and ordered his associates to arrest us. I warned him if his persons lay their hands on us, they will pay for doing so. He then shouted loudly “They have weapons. Run for your lives!” They all started running in different directions.  We were baffled. We didn’t have weapons. I then realized that Jesus had put it in their minds that we had weapons and fear gripped them. Jesus scattered our enemies. The news spread like a fire. Sheiks came to us and pleaded with us to leave their town. I told them that we didn’t have a desire to stay in their town under the judgment of God. They prepared a car and driver. The nearest town was Werder. We spent the night there.

Aware: From Werder we went to Aware on Thursday. On our way I was wondering what we will encounter at this town and prayed fervently in my heart. Jesus was with us in the past and He is still with us. We have seen His protecting hand scatter our enemies who tried to kill us. When we arrived in the town, we start handing out Islam, the Koran and God. Some people received them while others refused. I know that both those who received and refused our booklets will tell other people about us. So we made ourselves ready. We were sipping tea inside a café. A man with a Koran came to us and told us that he wants to discuss with us. I agreed.

I then asked him how he can get forgiveness of his sins. He said by bowing to Allah five times a day and by giving alms to the poor. I then asked again, “How can you be sure that Allah is forgiving your sins? What is your proof?” He was a bit confused. I said to him, “If Allah is forgiving your sins by bowing to him five times a day and by giving alms to the poor, wouldn’t that be like bribing God?” He couldn’t say anything and with anger left us. Evening was coming. The Spirit of God was nagging me inside to leave the town right away. We went to the bus station and took a bus to Werder. We spent the night in that town. Next day we travelled back to base. We thank God for His protection.

Putting 200 Evil Spirits Out Of The Chief

8th Week: 8th - 14th September 2019.

Sasabane: With new spiritual strength, we started our trip to Sasabane on Sunday morning. We packed the remaining copies of Islam, the Koran and God. When we arrived, we gathered information about the people of the town. We found that the people are led by a few tribal chiefs who are into sorcery. I was a bit amazed because I saw mosques here and there. So we had to change our strategy. We rented a guesthouse and prayed for 15 minutes first.

When we started our work, one of the chiefs came and asked us why we have come to his town. A little distance away, some of the townspeople were looking on with fear. The confrontation lasted a few minutes. The Holy Spirit struck the chief and he fell to the ground, mumbling and shaking on the ground. I called on the name of Jesus and commanded the evil spirits to come out of him. I asked the number of them and they told me that they are 200 demons. 200 demons in one chief! The demons were saying that the whole town is under their control. I rebuked them and told them to get out of the man. When they left him, he became calm. The people who saw the whole scene fled in fear. I then told the man that he had been under the control of demons but now they have left him through the power of Jesus, and He accepted Jesus right there.

The Holy Spirit filled him with boldness. He then went to gather the townspeople, shouting out the name of Jesus loudly while we waited. After 30 minutes we were surrounded by a big crowd. Those who fled from the scene after the chief fell to the ground also came. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the message of Jesus to them and how they should give their lives to Him. An ululation and joy pervaded the atmosphere. The crowd kept coming so we continued to tell and share the love and salvation of Jesus. It was a wonderful experience. We went to bed after midnight.

On Monday, we planned to move to a nearby town, but we were surrounded with another crowd who wanted to know more about Jesus. So we decided to stay there and share the wonderful love and salvation of Jesus. We prayed for them. Demons were cast out of the people. The whole town became on fire for Jesus. Several invitations to lunch and dinner made us very crowded. The town celebrated a big feast and the other chiefs fled from the town.

We spent Tuesday in this town, encouraging them to continue in their new faith. I shared the good news to Meheret and told her to send Faith booklets in bulk. All day long we were busy going from one village to another planting the new believers in the word of God. Most of them need their own Bibles. To solve their problem of getting their own Bibles is not possible at this time. I have promised them I will do what I can to get Bibles for them when I go back to Addis Ababa. I gave them my own Bibles, one to the chief and the other to his partner and advised them to read from it when they gather for fellowship.

The Holy Spirit Touches Many Hearts

Aw Baare: On Wednesday morning we bade farewell to those newly converted believers and moved to Aw Baare. The town is very primitive and the people very poor. My heart was broken when I saw their poverty. But then I remembered that Jesus was teaching the poor and they were receptive to His message. He was anointed to preach the gospel to the poor (Luke 4:18).

We headed to one village and met a number of people. Language was a barrier so we had to find a translator. We got one and started sharing the message of Jesus to the people whom we met. They listened attentively. Some of them were crying as the Holy Spirit touched their hearts. We continued sharing the message of Jesus from one village to another. There was no resistance. Most of the townspeople heard the message and their response was positive. When we finished in that town, we returned to Sasabane because we couldn’t get a guest house. We spent the night in one of the new believers’.

Babilli: On Thursday morning we started our trip from Sasabane to Babilli. This is a trading town. Merchants were moving around. When we arrived we saw people chewing khat (a local stimulant like heroin). This plant takes them into fantasies. I thought that it is not good to talk about the message of Jesus with them because they couldn’t understand the message in their condition. So we had to wait. We just rented a guesthouse and waited until evening. Then we went out and start handing out Islam, the Koran and God. Those who were under the influence of khat now seemed very calm down and responsive. Some of them even became friends with us and listened to the message we shared. I told them to stop to chewing khat because it paralyzes their mind and distorts their understanding. The response we got from them was positive. It was a success.

We praise God for the protection and strength He has given us on these trips. So far we have reached 18 towns on this side of Ethiopian Somali region.

Reaping A Harvest Of Revival

9th Week: 15th - 21st September 2019.

We spent the first day of FoT with the family where I have been living since I came to the East. The wonderful family who have accommodated me for the past two months have now completely sold themselves to the truths of God. When I introduced the Feast of Tabernacles to them, they started doing what is needed for the feast. They cooked chicken and we ate together. After the meal, we sang songs and read the Bible and prayed. We enjoyed it greatly and were blessed spiritually. My plan was to spend the whole week of FoT together with the family but the Spirit of God moved me to finish the work in the East.

Afder: We started our trip to Afder on Monday. We shared the message of Jesus while in the bus heading to the town. With great wisdom and care, we have done good things. Most of the passengers listened attentively. When we arrived, it was a market day. We praised God because we were in the right place at the right time. We went to the market and shared the message of Jesus. Some people resisted us but their resistance was quenched by the majority of people who wanted to hear us. I told the crowd how to escape from the idolaters who are ready to sweep into their town and make them their captives. They have to return to God and His Son and believe to receive remission of sins and to be His servants. Nodding their heads in agreement, most of them gave their lives to Jesus and decided to follow God and His Son Jesus. The line was marked. I encouraged them to be steadfast in their faith. We spent the day till the night with those who chose God and Jesus. It was a very busy day for us. With great joy, one of the newly converted men accommodated us at night in his home.

Dolobay: Tuesday morning we started our trip to Dolobay. The Afder people told us that Dolobay town is very dangerous. Armed men control the town so we must be careful in contacting people. Anyway, we arrived. The whole town seemed a war zone. Everyone has his own AK-47 gun. I was praying to Jesus to show me what to do. We were new to the town. We were being watched. We went into a nearby small café. Two armed men came and asked us for our ID. We showed them. They asked why we are in Dolobay. I told them that we are here with a special message from the Creator of heaven and earth. They became confused and said to me that they are ready to hear this message. I told them the message of Jesus with great confidence. They heard me with amazement. The Spirit of God touched their hearts. I had a copy of Islam, the Koran and God so I gave it to them. Then they politely asked us to come with them to the office of the commander. With God’s help, the commander allowed us to stay in the town. They gave us a temporary ID to move in the town without any problem, so we continued to share the message from village to village.

Gashamo: On Wednesday, we went to Gashamo. Sharing the message of Jesus in this town was like breaking bread and giving it to the poor. The people were poor in spirit. They seemed to have been waiting for ages for what we were sharing. Every village was hungry to hear the message of hope. We learned that their lives began to be revived by our messages and joy was seen in their faces. I couldn’t control my tears when I saw their joy. Some of them were crying and even shouting with joy. They were praising God with gladness. I have never seen this kind of revival before in my ministry. The presence of Jesus was with them. The Holy Spirit touched their lives. We spent the night in that town.


Jesus Appears To Give Fresh Instructions

I saw Jesus in a spectacular vision at night. He was standing before me and said, “I am with you. You have obeyed Me thus far. I have given you the fruits of faith. You have helped people to be free from their bondage in the East. Before you finish My work in the East, you have to go to the border between your country and the neighboring country in the south next week. I will be with you in your trip. When you reach the border, I will show you what to do. After My feast ends, start your trip to the border. Wait here. My blessings are with you.”

So we stayed in Gashamo, encouraging and admonishing by the Word of God the newly converted believers. All day long, we spent time with them praying. We went from one house to another and edified them.



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