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Mighty Miracles Of God

Volume 16



Racing To Burkina Faso

O Lord God to whom vengeance belongs. O God to whom vengeance belongs, shine forth!

Rise up, O Judge of the earth; render punishment to the proud (Ps 94:1,2).

God had informed us through the 7 angels some weeks earlier that there would be an attack from opponents during the FoT in Ndhiwa. Sure enough, Omar Ismael’s gunmen came to kill 152 worshippers at the FoT site in Ndhiwa. But God promised to defeat Omar and his men, and it would finally put an end to all these Islamic attempts to destroy in Ndhiwa.

Ibrahim told us what happened:

7th October 2018. 22:09. From Ibrahim: ...thank you for your support towards FoT. It went nicely despite some challenges. On the evening of 28th Sept 2018, a group of armed men attacked us but we managed to chase them out of the compound by pointing the Faith booklets at them and closed the gate. At midnight we could hear gunshots and voices crying for help till dawn.

On the morning of 29th Sept 2018, we found 59 dead bodies by the gate side, some with gunshot wounds and others burnt beyond recognition. Then we informed the police about the incident and they took their bodies away. Since then we haven't heard from Omar so I don't know whether he was one of the attackers who died. The only shocking news we received is about the attack of the brethren who were on their way back home from the FOT and I heard some of them were seriously injured so we request for your prayers.

23:00. Reply: Thank you for the news. Yes, the angels mentioned the tragedy of a vehicle bombed by Muslim terrorists, killing four who were travelling back from the FoT, and 9 others who have been taken captive. John was informed and he and Vuga are racing to Burkina Faso to help.

8th October 2018. 11:28. From Rhoda: "AT LEAST £465 TO REACH JOHN THROUGH ERICK NOW NOW NOW, THEY ARE IN A FIERCE BATTLE IN BURKINA FASO." 7 Angels have said that to me now.

8th October 2018. 11:31. From John: I suspect Omar is dead because youths are blocking us from rescuing our brothers, demanding that we must produce Omar alive or face death. We are in Bukinabe city. Our fuel is over and the pressure from these youths is high. We trust God to put them in our hands.

13:41. Reply: Yes. We can’t do anything yet. We are waiting for money to come in. But I suggest just ward them off like usual, using the Faith booklet as your shield and ‘sword’.

17:31. Nigel has been able now to send E the other 265. May all go well.

Omar Is Finally Killed

8th October 2018. 20:48. To John: In Burkina Faso.

Hope you are OK after this nasty confrontation in Burkina Faso, and that God wipes out those evil yobs tonight so you can deliver the poor souls who were attacked and injured. I hear that some are seriously injured. May God heal them speedily. We prayed for them days ago, asking God to remove the awful pain of their sufferings and give them peace of mind...

About the £2k Bob sent tonight. This is from money I have borrowed against our house and land. It has taken since July to arrange this mortgage...

9th October 2018. 12:18. From John: We are okay, just fixing the van tyres. They got destroyed by armed rowdy youths who tried to kill us claiming that we killed Omar. They completely cut the four tyres using sharp knives and machetes. God wiped out the 32 youths who followed the brothers from the FOT in Ndhiwa. All were trained young men from Somalia and Syria. Omar went with them to destroy the houses in Ndhiwa FOT camp, but God who is all powerful took up the battle and Omar is no more.

Five youths survived last midnight and are giving us all the needed information. God spared their lives since they did not touch the van but surrendered and accepted the MM truth. We have only £55 left in the kitty after buying the four tyres and the rear glasses. We need to move back home and thank God for the great work He has done by bringing down Omar ... It is only Vuga who lost his incisor teeth, but he is stable.

16:30. Reply: Thanks for relating. Nigel has sent £650... May God heal Vuga’s teeth and replace them and take away all the pain! (Thank you, Father.)


10th October 2018. 8:22. To John: How is Vuga this morning? When he got smashed in the face and his front teeth knocked out, did he fall down unconscious? It must have been extremely painful. Is the pain now all gone?

0All these attacks have drained us all. Financially, they have robbed us of what we have. But it’s like Jesus. He became poor so that others could become rich through Him.

17:16. From John: Yes, Vuga fell unconscious. Now he is well. We have been in a place with no network. We are crossing into Uganda now. 19:03. The pain is gone though his teeth haven't been replaced [but were replaced later; see page 20.] 


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